Your generosity is appreciated. Giving to our JTTN General Fund today will allow us to use your donation where it is most needed. However, you always have the option to give to any of our various areas of ministries and missionaries.

Since March 2020 our communities within the Bay Islands have suffered great economic hardships due to the tourism industries being out of service during this pandemic. As usual, our area of greatest focus is to evangelize and disciple.  However, right now we have a heavy emphasis on helping provide food and basic needs within communities on the island.  

Your gift of $25 will allow us to provide a food basket (1 week supply) for families without work during this difficult time, and allow us an opportunity to encourage them in a practical way while uplifting them spiritually as well.  Please read our March 26th Blog Post for some background and our December Blog for more recent information.

Here’s the impact you have helped us achieve from mid-March to mid-December 2020:
  • 12+ families helped with Hurricane Relief (food, beds, clothes, clean-up supples, etc)
  • 13 families are learning from our ‘Foundations of Faith’ course
  • 370 + grocery bags with basic meal supplies distributed
  • 25+ Blessing Bags (we carry on our days out) given to those on the street in immediate need
  • 10 families blessed with cooking gas for their stoves
  • 15–20 children blessed with protective masks (required here)
  • 2 pizza parties for children’s ministry and a case of apples; bags of candy for a Church-held Christmas party
  • 40 babies and toddlers given formula and cereal
  • Provided for some hot meals for the elderly
  • 40 nebulizer kits for Covid Center and life saving medications purchased for a 12 year old boy with tetanus and a 90 year old with cancer
  • One-on-one ministry done regularly through phone, Facebook and/or WhatsApp with folks  both on the island and Honduran mainland as well as in the US (Even coordinated a pastoral visit to a man in hospice in AZ that led to his salvation!!)
  • Contributed building supplies to rebuild a home that burned down
  • Counting and preparing dosage packs for COVID-19 treatments for a local clinic ministry
Consider making your donation a monthly recurring gift to help us continue to provide the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs in our community.