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We would like to recommend “Revival:  The 21-Day Challenge” by Deb Wilson (Our very own Board Member).  This book will challenge you each day to rekindle your relationship with God.  If you want to inspire others and radiate Jesus in such a way that others are drawn to Christ in you, this is a must read book.

Recommended for group or individual study.

The DIVINITY CODE to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions” is probably the most comprehensive Christian dream dictionary available.  If you are trying to interpret a dream or vision and aren’t sure what the biblical meaning of various elements, this book will be a great asset.

The Seer” by James W. Goll is suggested for those wanting to explore more about biblical dreams and visions.  In this book you will discover the prophetic power of dreams and visions.

DISCLAIMER: The views in these books belong to their authors and do not all necessarily mirror the views of our organization.  As with anything , we encourage you to measure everything according to God’s Word (The Bible).


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